Campus Emergency Operations Group

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Video of The CEOG – How you can help UCLA in times of emergencies

Emergencies and disasters present numerous, unique challenges for both emergency responders and the campus officials who manage the response. At UCLA, the Campus Emergency Operations Group (CEOG) is responsible for facilitating overall emergency response coordination on campus.

The CEOG supports emergency operations by:

  • Allowing on-scene responders to focus on providing safety to the affected community
  • Assisting campus units attempting to maintain or resume normal operations

While specific activities will be dictated by the unique demands of the situation, three broad tasks are commonly addressed by the CEOG:

  • Information gathering - determining the nature and extent of the emergency conditions
  • Coordination - matching the capabilities of resources (on- and off-campus) to the needs of the emergency
  • Operations - managing mission assignments

UCLA staff and faculty are eligible to receive training and fill one of the positions listed below at our Emergency Operations Center during disasters. For more information, please email


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