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UCLA Warden Program

All Floor and Area Warden Trainings are on Worksafe. Departments please email



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The first few minutes following an emergency are the most crucial – it is in these initial moments that most injuries can be prevented and most lives can be saved.

Wardens play an integral part in preparing for and responding to emergencies on campus. They are in charge of developing and updating their area’s Emergency Action Plan (EAP), which contains all of the critical information UCLA employees and community members need to safely evacuate a building, locate emergency supplies, and more. Wardens are also responsible for the safe evacuation of personnel in their assigned area. They lead evacuations, account for personnel and relay critical information to our first responders.

The Office of Emergency Management is always looking for more wardens. All UCLA staff & faculty can volunteer to become a warden. If you are interested in joining the program and helping save lives, please contact the Office of Emergency Management.

There is a need for all three types of wardens on campus, who complement each other:

  • Area Wardens – develop their EAP & lead evacuations
  • Floor Wardens – lead evacuations & compile Area Warden reports
  • Facility Wardens – lead evacuations & relay information to Incident Commander

UCLA Warden Organization Chart