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For Staff & Faculty

If an active emergency is occurring go to UCLA's Emergency Information page Bruins Safe Online

Preparedness Checklist

  • Keep your BruinAlert profile up to date with current contact information – note that you can now add multiple phone numbers and e-mail addresses to include family members and friends
  • Download the Bruins Safe App for your mobile phone
  • Review your area’s Emergency Action Plan (EAP) which contains all the critical information you need during emergencies: nearest building evacuation routes, fire alarm pull-station locations, fire extinguisher locations, assembly areas, emergency supplies location, lockdown room, shelter-in-place room, etc.
  • Know who your Area & Floor Wardens are
  • If you have a temporary or permanent access or functional need, fill out the voluntary Access & Functional Need Self-Certification Form to request assistance during emergency evacuations
  • Locate your Emergency Assembly Area for full-campus evacuations

During an Emergency

  • Report an emergency or suspicious activity to UCPD by calling 911 or using the Bruins Safe App
  • Follow your warden’s directions: evacuate to your pre-designated assembly area & check in with your warden
    • If students or visitors are with you, make sure they are accounted for as well by notifying your warden
    • Report anyone missing or trapped
  • Obtain accurate information from verified sources via Bruins Safe Online, BruinAlert & UCLA Newsroom
  • Follow directions given by first responders
  • Assume your emergency response role (e.g., Facility, Floor or Area Warden, Building Coordinator, EMPG or CEOG member, etc.) if you have one