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Full-Lab Shut Down

If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, please call 9-1-1 immediately.


  • Refer to the owner’s manual for specific details for each piece of equipment
  • Do NOT store dry ice in an ultra-low temperature freezer under any circumstance
  • The operator should perform routine cleaning and maintenance. It is recommended that the unit be checked periodically by a qualified service technician
  • The following is a condensed list of suggested preventive maintenance requirements. Cleaning and calibration adjustment intervals are dependent on use, environmental conditions, and accuracy required
    • Fill in upright by starting at the bottom near the probe and add racks to one shelf at a time. Allow freezer to recover to set point between shelves
    • Fill chest freezer by starting at the left side near the probe. Filling with room temperature racks will result in long pull-down time
    • Fill the unit with frozen product (i.e., frozen water jugs) to help overall performance
    • Ensure the vacuum relief port is free of frost and ice to allow for timely re-entry into the freezer after a door opening
    • Ensure a 6-inch space around the entire unit
    • Unit must be connected to properly sized and dedicated breaker
    • Inspect all probe ports and make sure they are sealed during and after use. Do not drill/screw the case in any way without consulting the manufacturer
    • Refer to General Freezer Maintenance Checklist
    • Refer to the Resources page for the Freezer-specific Maintenance Manuals.